10 Weeks Business Bootcamp that will transform you - beginner to an expert

An 10-week cohort-based program will expand your knowledge of business communications, sales, marketing, personal branding and more with a community that is a hub for entrepreneurs.


1st July, 2022


1st Aug, 2022


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Who is this Program for?


Business Roles Aspirants

Working Professionals


Finance Professionals

Finance Enthusiasts

Anyone who is interested to learn about Market

What you’ll learn inside the 8 weeks Intensive Program?

A 10 weeks cohort-based, community intense program led by world-class subject experts. In these 10 weeks, you’ll explore all the important topics of Equity Research and Business communication, including:


introduction to financial statements

  • Understand the crux of business and different legal forms to run businesses
  • Introduction to Financial Statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet) using a real company
  • Write a summary and MoM which are key requirements in any corporate Job
  • Proof of work: Write a summary (approximately 800-1000 words) on a startup case study. Pick your favorite startup and write a summary of its idea, growth, pros & cons, and striking features.


introduction and analysis of revenue models

  • Understand the revenue model of an organization and accurately identify revenue streams from various products and services of that organization
  • Prepare formal presentations and learn how to present MoM which are key requirements in any corporate job
  • Proof of work: Create a PPT on any of the existing burning topics like bankruptcy, the rise of Elon and present it in Video


excel modeling basics and revenue analysis

  • Analyze the changes in revenue of a company in excel and develop a report on how the company is performing
  • Understanding of cost structure and difference between gross profit, operating profits, and EBIT
  • skills developed
  • Develop an ability to bifurcate cost vis-a-vis the revenue model.
  •  Proof of work: A comprehensive revenue analysis of a chosen company


expense analysis and its relation to the revenue model

  • Identify the importance of sales roles
  • Differentiate among different sales roles and between sales and marketing
  • Write and deliver a sales pitch for a product/service
  • Convert a prospective lead to a customer through multiple touchpoints
  • Operate a CRM tool and maintain a spreadsheet-based sales log


introduction to the analysis of financial statements

  • Illustrate how to use the tools of Financial analysis (Vertical and Horizontal Analysis) to understand the performance of a company
  • Perform a vertical & horizontal analysis of the company’s performance
  • Proof of work: Prepare a Vertical and Horizontal Analysis of the company in an excel sheet and write a report highlighting the changing trends in the company’s performance.


assets and liabilities

  • Introduction to the concept of asset and liability and how liability finances the assets
  • Understand the concept of long-term and short-term assets and liabilities
  • Identify if asset-liability mismatch for the company exists
  • Proof of work: Students will provide details of Fixed and Current assets and how they are being financed (using long-term or short-term funds).


cash flow statement

  • Understand the cash flow statement, and how cash income and expenses are different


introduction to ratio analysis

  • Introduce the concept of Ratios and how they are helpful in understanding financial performance
  • Carry out ratio analysis of a chosen company
  • Proof of work: To calculate major ratios for the last two years of the company and provide a comprehensive analysis of the company’s performance in various areas.


du-pont analysis

  • Introduce the Du-Pont analysis model of financial statements
  • Formalizing the Ratio analysis process using the Du-Pont model
  • Design a Du-Pont analysis model for the company
  •  Proof of work: Develop a du-Pont analysis model and report the financial performance of the organization. The student will use the calculated key financial ratio and compare them.



  • To allow students to showcase the skills of financial analysis gained in the course.
  • Prepare a company’s Financial Performance report
  • Proof of work: Develop a Financial Performance report for the organization that will provide details of the company’s revenue model, cost structure, and analysis of financial performance over the last 3 years.


It’s over? Nope!

The first module is over. Your work will get you entry into the second module, where you will be trained in depth in the field of equity research. For everyone in this cohort, the second module will also be free. You’ll get the cohort experience, interview preparation, resume polish, and placement opportunities all at zero cost.

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A community that learns, Explores, Builds, Invests, and Grows in a Business community together.

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A community that learns, Explores, Builds, Invests, and Grows in the Business community together..

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Program Mentors

tanay pratap

Hi! I am Tanay! I work at Microsoft.

There are multiple Internet properties that I have created and you can find something interesting if you give a minute to read. I spend my time on the internet with the sole purpose of helping students land better jobs. If you’re a student and you don’t want to end up in service companies doing support job then you have landed in the right place.

Masterclasses by

Upasana Taku

Co-Founder at MobiKwik & Zaakpay

Ankush Sachdeva

Cofounder & CEO at ShareChat & Moj

Janhavi Parikh

Head at MX TakaTak

Lalit Keshre

CEO at Groww


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, final year students can apply
Yes, the program takes into account that the candidate may have no prior knowledge about business
Yes, people with experience can apply
Yes, recordings can be provided on request. But we do not encourage missing live sessions as the class discussions form the essence of the Business Fellowship program
We are looking for candidates with good communication skills (both verbal and written), analytical skills, critical thinking
There is no specific preparation required. Just a generic interview to know you better and your motivation to join our program.
At the end of the program, you will have a portfolio of all assignments you have completed like marketing plan, sales pitch, financial analysis, customer research to name a few. This will act as your proof of work for the hiring manager.
We have hiring partners looking to hire our graduates. We will arrange interviews for you, we will equip and train you enough to crack those interviews. But in the end, it is you and your performance that will matter.
With the first cohort, we are concentrating on Generalist roles, Founder’s Office roles, Marketing roles and Product Management

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