Hello, I am Ayush👋🏼

I am a business student, web designer, developer, and lifelong student of philosophy & literature.

Notes about

The Man

I have 3 years of experience designing, developing, and deploying websites for corporates, startups, and educational institutes.

During this journey, I fell in love with creating value at the intersection of design, tech, and business. With tools like Figma, WordPress, and Webflow, I build high-conversion landing pages and websites.

Creating novel

websites & interfaces

End To End

Web Services

I design


I have 3 years of experience designing & developing.

The Tech Stack

I build on

I use Figma to design, WordPress, Framer, or Webflow to develop, and DigitalOcean to deploy.

I'm open to new

web projects

Some of

My Work

Here are some of multi-page websites I have built. In addition to these, I have built landing pages for multiple organisations such as Goela School of Finance, Indiamaan, GrowDiesel, & more.

I am ready to create

change. Are you?